Posted by: Kaiaroon | April 22, 2010

Pay It Forward

A co-worker asked me if Movie Boy would like her bike. I had been talking about how much he had grown — he is so tall these days! — and she told me she had upgraded to a new bike, and her old one was in great shape and the right size for him. We were thrilled. New bikes don’t grow on trees!

So, I was talking to Movie Boy about what to do with his old bike. We were in the process of getting stuff together to donate to the Salvation Army, and I told him we could take the bike. Some kid in need might like it.

He thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Mom, my friend Matthew doesn’t have a bike, and his parents can’t afford one. Can I give him my old bike? Then we can ride together.”

My sweet boy.

So now we enter a new phase that I have been dreading. Riding bikes around the neighborhood. Movie Boy lacks “situational awareness”, and to be safe riding your bike even on residential streets, you MUST be aware of your surroundings. So while he has known since preschool how to ride a bike, we have limited his riding to “very safe places” — like the boardwalk, cul de sacs, and the backyard. I was sort of hoping he would never develop an interest in venturing out, but as I look forward I realize that learning to ride his bike will help him later with skills he will need to drive.

Which I was also hoping he would never develop an interest in, but has.

Egads, I need to stop looking ahead.

So for now, we’ll focus on getting Movie Boy and Matthew to safely ride – together – to the neighborhood pool and back. Safely. That’s all I can process for now 😉



  1. I had (and still have) the same concerns for Nigel with riding his bike outside of our neighborhood. Small steps are definitely the way to develop this area of independence!

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