Posted by: Kaiaroon | April 20, 2010

Student of the Month

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Things, after the Big Pink Sign incident, have been going rather well. And I tend to be more prolific when I need to vent. So less blogging is usually a sign that everyone is A-OK. Also, I’m in the process of compiling my paperwork for the annulment of my Catholic marriage (my divorce from Movie Boy’s dad was final 10 years ago, but the Church doesn’t recognize that…. blah, blah…. fodder for another blog post. Or whole entire blog. Stay tuned for more on that.)

Anyhow, I can never seem to finish the grueling annulment paperwork, which includes a 15-20 page essay on all the problems of our courtship/wedding/marriage, so when I sit down to write on THIS blog, I feel guilty because I have other things I should be doing, and so I stop. So, long story short…. the Catholic paperwork has me full of guilt, meaning I must be a Catholic at heart, so I need to get the darn paperwork submitted so I can feel free to write on this blog to my heart’s content. Or something.

In the meantime, something very noteworthy happened yesterday that prompted me to dust off the keyboard and post. Movie Boy was named Student of the Month for his 7th grade team. The character trait was “self-discipline”. I am very proud. There are 1400 kids in his school. There were 14 kids recognized yesterday. Quite an accomplishment.

I tried very hard for this moment to be all about Movie Boy, but I did have myself a very schadenfreudelicious moment when the Principal awarded him his certificate. This is the same Principal who decided against him in our disciplinary appeal last year. It was ever so rewarding when she had to come over and shake my hand to congratulate me on my “extremely disciplined” young man.

Yes, he is, thank you very much for finally getting on board.



  1. Congrats on Movie Boy’s recognition! That must be so gratifying.

    P.S. “the Catholic paperwork has me full of guilt” – hilarious! (from a former Catholic 😉

  2. Jimmy Buffett. Start with that.

  3. Congratulations to you and Movie Boy

  4. That is so awesome! (You know, the part about Movie Boy; not the part about horrible Catholic paperwork guilt). Go Movie Boy! 🙂

  5. I already put the Jimmy Buffett stuff in the essay!! 🙂

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