Posted by: Kaiaroon | September 23, 2009

Movie Boy Makes a Mod

Movie Boy and I had our first IEP meeting of the year. Movie Boy attended because he had actually been the one who intitated the modification. He asked if it would be okay if he didn’t have to sit at the very front of the bus. I asked his Case Manager Dude and he said we would have to convene an IEP meeting. So, because he initiated this request, I wanted him to see what we do with a request such as this. We convened a format meeting, we teleconferenced his father in, we started our tape recorders, we talked, we decided to remove the restriction, and then we wrapped everything up with me taking the papers home to read through and sign later. I never sign at the table. Never. And then I explained to Movie Boy is might take a week or so for this modification take effect, because paperword has to be routed here and there and everywhere.

But I think it was probably empowering for him to see that he could be part of his own program.


  1. Definitely empowering – I’m glad Nigel is now able to attend his IEP meetings too.

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