Posted by: Kaiaroon | September 16, 2009


The problem with IEPs can be that because they are paperwork in a big bureaucracy, they tend to move slowly into place. Several times over the years, Movie Boy’s accommodations have kicked in after he actually needed, and even when they were now inappropriate.

This week’s example is the bus accommodations. Movie Boy had a rough time on the bus last year. A bunch of mouthy 8th graders made his experience grueling. We had problems. When he offloaded, he was in a sea of 1200 kids funneling into the doors. So, we added accommodations so that he would be able to disembark earlier than the other kids (the band kids also get off early, since they are carrying bulky instrument cases that need to be dropped in the band room before homeroom.) We also asked that he have the front seat saved for him, so he could be close to the bus driver so she could keep an extra eye on him.

Well, this year things are different. His friends Matthew and Jamie Lee are now in 6th grade and ride the bus with him. The mouthy 8th graders, much to Karma’s delight, are now the young’uns on the high school bus. 

Overall, things have been good on the bus. He’s comfortable, he’s happy.

So, yesterday, out of the blue, one of the administrators from the front office met the bus and told the bus driver that Movie Boy MUST sit in the front seat. And MUST leave the bus early.

This, of course, was done in front of the other kids. Without much explanation. Leaving Movie Boy to feel like he was in trouble.

I wrote to his case manager and asked if we could ease up on these restrictions, as the accommodations are meant to be supportive of his success and not punative.

I spoke with the bus driver this morning, who is in agreement that things are good as they are and these accommodations at this time are not needed.

But, as you know, if the IEP says these are necessary then they will be implemented. I may actually have to have an IEP meeting to make this change.


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