Posted by: Kaiaroon | September 11, 2009

First English Assignment

Movie Boy’s first assignment in English turned out to be an assignment for ME. The kids were told that a parent needed to write a “one million words or less” paper about their child. I do a lot of writing about Movie Boy on this blog, but usually about his autism. So this was something new and interesting. After getting over my trepidation about having a 7th grade English teacher read my paper and analzye my grammar, I sat down and wrote this…

My son Movie Boy was born in 1997 in Honolulu, Hawaii. We were living in Hawaii because Movie Boy’ father was stationed on a fast attack submarine in Pearl Harbor. For the first 6-1/2 years of his life, Movie Boy lived on the very small Island of Oahu. He wore shorts and flip-flops every day, even to school. In Hawaii, you wear flip-flops to school so you can kick them off easily before you go in the classroom. No one wears shoes in the classroom. They put them in a pile at the door. In Hawaii, Movie Boy didn’t own a coat, but he had many bathing suits and we spent a lot of time at the beach. At the beach, he watched the surfers, the boogie boarders, and the eel fisherman. He ate the local foods like mochi, teriyaki chicken and rice, spam musubi, manapua, malasadas, lumpia, and poi.

In Hawaii, when he was younger, he had blonde hair like me, but as he got older it gradually darkened. Now his hair is brown like his father’s. His eyes are blue just like mine. He is very tall, and is growing taller every day.

Around the time he turned 4, Movie Boy got a stepfather. His stepfather was a Marine, and so we moved to the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Movie Boy liked living on base, and he liked the school he went to on base, where he went to kindergarten.

About this time, Movie Boy kept asking for a little brother. Every day, he asked me for a little brother. And then one day, I told him that we were going to have a baby, and that he would be a boy. Movie Boy was thrilled. He helped get ready for the baby.

It is one thing to have a brother, but it is another altogether to have a baby in the house. Babies are loud, and don’t smile much, and wake everyone up in the middle of the night. But Movie Boy took all of this in stride, because he knew when Ben Ten was older, he would be a good little brother. Except one time, when it was very early in the morning and Ben Ten was crying and crying like babies do. Movie Boy finally had enough. From his bed in his room, he yelled down the hallway, “THE KID IS MAKING ME NUTS!” His stepfather and I broke out laughing. The baby stopped crying. Everyone went back to sleep.

Eventually, we moved to the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. Movie Boy went to 1st and 2nd grade in Quantico, and then we moved here. We plan to stay here for a long time.

These days, Ben Ten is 7 and Movie Boy is 12. They get along a lot better, and Movie Boy helps a lot with taking care of his little brother. And if you knew Ben Ten, you would understand what a big job that is! Movie Boy helps me catch Ben Ten and get him in the bath tub. When we are at the beach, he makes sure Ben Ten doesn’t go out too far. Movie Boy is a very strong swimmer and a good boogie-boarder, but Ben Ten is still small and needs help. One time, Ben Ten got knocked down and dragged by a wave and Movie Boy jumped in and saved him. He puts Ben Ten on his boogie board and helps him catch waves. Ben Ten is a typical younger brother. He wants to hang out in Movie Boy’ room all the time, play Movie Boy’ PlayStation 3, and hang out with Movie Boy’ friends. Movie Boy is a good big brother to him, but it isn’t easy. When Movie Boy complains about his younger brother, I say, “but you asked for him!”

I can always count on Movie Boy to help out around the house. He cuts the grass every week and does his own laundry. He takes care of his dog, Buddy. Buddy is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix. Movie Boy keeps him fed and makes sure his water bowl is full. He also has to keep the yard cleaned up, which is not a fun part of having a dog but worth the effort. The only thing Movie Boy does not seem to know how to do is use a hamper. We have talked about hampers a lot, but he just can’t seem to master this skill. He gets close, but his dirty clothes just lay on the floor all around the hamper.

Movie Boy likes movies. He especially likes the Transformer movies. And he loves going to see movies in IMAX. He can tell you when most movies are going to open in the theaters. He also likes video games and computers. Movie Boy plays football. He is on the Panthers this year, and his first game in on Saturday. He plays nose tackle. He also is in Boy Scouts and is an Altar Server at church.

On special occasions I like to make Movie Boy’ favorite meal – shrimp scampi. He also loves anything minty, like mint Oreos, Thin Mints, or mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Movie Boy has also traveled quite a bit. He has been to a lot places, like Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Disney World in Florida, Guam, Okinawa, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. But his favorite place to go is Great Wolf Lodge.

Now you know a lot about my son Movie Boy. He is a great kid and a good son. He makes me proud every day.



  1. What a remarkable life and a lovely description. You get an A in my book!

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