Posted by: Kaiaroon | September 6, 2009

7th Grade — The Initial Parent/Teacher Conference

I asked Movie Boy’s team to meet with us prior to the school year starting. So far, I’m impressed with his Case Manager, Mr. Flynn. Mr. Flynn has actually read his IEP and can converse intelligently on the subject matter in it. Always a good sign. He was impressed that Movie Boy had such good grades and was a conscientious student. The purpose of my meeting was not only to give the teachers a face to Movie Boy’s name, and a more realistic view of me from the caricature I’m sure they have heard about in the teacher work room, but also to talk about safety. I started the meeting by saying, “In 6th grade, I was asked on three occassions to pick Movie Boy up from school due to injuries sustatined at the hands of his peers that required immediate medical attention. I would appreciate your help in seeing that Movie Boy develops the skills he needs to be safe in this environment.”

All the teachers were very good about this request, and a productive discussion ensued.

I’m cautiously hopeful.

On another note, how many times a day must Movie Boy hear negative things about the team he is assigned to? Because I have very little presence at his school and already this week I have heard negative stuff TWICE. Once from a parent, who whined that her child had been assigned to the “ghetto” hallway. The other time was during the open house, when a student asked their parent, “isn’t this the stupid hallway?”.




  1. Wow. The ignorance of some people. But at least it sounds like the teachers might be more proactive this year. I’m cautiously hopeful too – good way to put it.

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