Posted by: Kaiaroon | September 2, 2009

School Shopping

School shopping with two boys, is, well, quick.

In and out.

Movie Boy and Ben Ten both needed new shoes. Tuesday is military discount day at Rack Room Shoes (15% off your entire purchase). They are also running a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale, which is handy since we needed two pairs. Movie Boy likes Rack Room Shoes. So much so that he usually settles on the first pair of shoes he sees. Which is exactly what he did today. A pair of Asics (his favorite brand). I didn’t love them, but he did — and the other option was to have him try on other pairs of sneakers only to have him come back to the first pair, or take him to another store where he would dutifully try on any shoes I gave him but wouldn’t settle on any since we weren’t at Rack Room Shoes.

I made a futile attempt to steer him towards a more fashionable choice — around these parts, the kids all wear skater shoes, like Vans or such. He isn’t taking PE this year (that whole mess got straightened out) so he doesn’t need gym shoes. He says he wants to wait to wear skater shoes until the bullying calms down. He doesn’t want to stand out.

We got the Asics.

Ben Ten got a pair of black Converse high-tops and then picked out neon green laces. These two boys couldn’t be more different if they tried.

We then went to TJ Maxx and they each picked out two new t-shirts, and Movie Boy got a backpack.

For all of this, I kept to my budget (almost). I had to borrow $1 from Movie Boy. Our total for the day’s take came to $111.

I wait on buying pants until the weather gets cooler — here in Southeast Virginia the kids are generally in shorts until the end of October.

So at this point, they each have what they need. Except we need two things — a Foohy Fooz Pencil Sharpener and a big pink eraser. He uses both of these items not only for their intended function, but also as fidget items.


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