Posted by: Kaiaroon | September 1, 2009

… and so 7th grade begins…

At the end of last school year, Movie Boy’s IEP team decided that PE was a losing proposition for him at this point in his schooling. The meanness of some of his classmates in middle school is disproportionate to his mastery of the social skills needed to survive PE. Best to wait a few years, until the meanness decreases and social skills increase so that there is more of a balance for him in this environment.

This option was suggested to us by the 6th grade Assistant Principal during an IEP meeting. I was surprised it was an option, as PE is one of those classes that is usually required to advance to the next grade.

“If we put it in the IEP, it is an option.”

That was the answer to that. And so that’s what we did.

A few days ago, we got Movie Boy’s computer-generated schedule in the mail.First bell? PE.

Last Thursday, I put a call into his guidance counselor, Stanley (I call him that because he reminds me of Stanley from The Office.)


I didn’t get a call back. Huh.

At a picnic this weekend, I ran into another middle school parent, who told me that our middle school guidance department doesn’t accept verbal communication during the week before school starts. If you don’t put your request in writing, you don’t get a call back. Lovely little unwritten policy.

I wrote an e-mail last night. Stanley just called.

Great! Things will get straightened out!


Stanley doesn’t see in his IEP where it says that Movie Boy shouldn’t take PE. He’s not sure he has the most current IEP. He’s going to try to track down Movie Boy’s case manager from last year. I’m scrambling to find something about the not-taking-PE option in my notes, his IEP,  the tape recordings. Anything.

And so it begins. Yay, 7th grade.



  1. I had the same thing happen when I spoke to Nigel’s new case manager at the high school today. At the meeting in May, I pointed out that due to his lack of executive control he needs constant assistance keeping on track with his assignments. Weekly? they asked. No, I pointedly said, Daily. And they noted that, it appeared. So today, while going over the schedule, the new case manager noticed that they had not put that into his daily schedule. We have a meeting on Tuesday to go over it. I just hate all this extra legwork – so frustrating and time-consuming. Grrr. Hope yours gets fixed too.

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