Posted by: Kaiaroon | July 5, 2009


Movie Boy took a sailing course this week and earned his merit badge. Each day, the scouts would pair up and take two-man skiffs out on to the James River.

They earned the merit badge by Thursday, so Friday was a free sailing day. Movie Boy got paired up with Trevor, another scout from his troop who is always a goober.  Trevor was the “captain”.

I guess the teamwork dynamic between Movie Boy and Trevor was, um…. slightly nonfunctional. Trevor started yelling at Movie Boy… barking orders, criticizing, huffing and puffing.

Movie Boy sucked it up for awhile but finally decided he was done.

He jumped overboard into the James River and started swimming to shore.

The sailing instructor shouted out to him, “Hey Movie Boy, where are you going?”

Movie Boy replied, “Trevor is annoying, I’m heading ashore!”

The sailing instructor let out a big laugh. Movie Boy, who, once in the water realized he had done something he probably shouldn’t have done, said, “I’m not in trouble?”

The sailing instructor, still laughing, said, “No! I’ve never seen a scout try to bring home one of these skiffs on his own. Let’s see how Trevor’s leadership style works out for him.”

Trevor capsized the boat. 

A hard lesson in keeping your crew happy, no?



  1. Ha! That’s awesome! Congratulations to Movie Boy! 🙂

  2. 🙂 LMAO

  3. Good for Movie Boy! And I really like the sailing instructor’s attitude about it!

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