Posted by: Kaiaroon | April 8, 2009

A Slap in the Face

Health class. With Mr. B, the enlightened PE teacher. Who sits the kids boy/girl/boy girl.

Movie Boy. Sitting next to Aayliah. Who has been teasing him all year it turns out.

Smoking video. Warning of the dangers of smoking. And since warnings of poor health don’t usually do much to dissuade the average middle schooler, a picture of a really, really haggard-looking woman to show how ugly smoking will make you.

Movie Boy to Aayliah,  in retribution for everything he’s had to take from her all year,”That’s how you are going to look someday.”

Aayliah to Movie Boy: SMACK!

Movie Boy (after first considers smacking back, but then reconsiders based on 1) doesn’t want another detention EVER and 2) can’t hit girls):  grabs Aayliah’s notebook in rage, then slams it down on desk.

Class: Roars in laughter, Movie Boy assumes at him.

Mr. B finally becomes aware of situation. Fusses at Movie Boy. Movie Boy is afraid to tell him that Aayliah smacked him because she is a girl and he will be laughed at for being beat up by a girl.

Mr. B fusses some more at Movie Boy. Movie Boy storms out of health room. Luckily, the bell was ringing so no security guards were called to take him down.

Mrs. T talks to Movie Boy. Tells Movie Boy she won’t tell administration about this, since he would get in trouble too (for saying mean thing.)

No one tells me about it. Until I ask Movie Boy specifically how Health went today.

On one hand, I appreciate the under-the-radar approach since Movie Boy will not get punished. On the other, this does little to deter the Aayliah’s of the world from smacking/teasing Movie Boy or the Mr. B’s of the world to get a clue.

E-mailed Mrs. T and asked that she call me “regarding Health class.”

We’ll see where this goes.



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