Posted by: Kaiaroon | April 4, 2009

Safe Schools — Biker Edition

We have registration for summer day camp in a few hours. This is where a gazillion parents vie for 60 spots in the city summer child care program. Some of them have been lined up since 4 a.m., and so I’m late to the party, and have to get in the queue. But I wanted to post a little something-something about my Safe Schools meeting yesterday.

As you know, I had requested a meeting with the principal to discuss how she intended to keep my son safe at her school.

She had countered that she would like to include the 8th grade Asst Principal, who is also in charge of their school’s Safe Schools program

Okay, that’s relevant. I agreed.

So imagine my surprise when a dude in full biker regalia walked into our meeting. I mean, this dude was sporting a black leather vest with the local biker bar’s logo embroidered on it. And just for clarification — the local biker bar calls itself a “saloon” and the logo is a skeleton riding on a big ol’ Harley.

Above the logo was his name, embroidered with his position in the saloon-sponsored biker gang.

Now, don’t think I hate on bikers. I don’t. I think they are a fun bunch. Maybe a little too much time on their hands, but you have to hand it to them — they take their fun seriously.

Part of the “ew” factor in this is that on the rare occasion I do get out of the house, the place I usually head to is this exact saloon. The bands are good, the beer is cheap, and the ambiance can’t be beat. But now I am not going to ever step foot in this place again, if that means I’m running into the middle school administration.

Seriously, I don’t begrudge this guy his weekend pursuits or his biker lifestyle. It actually adds some depth to his personality, and a lot of these administrators are truly lacking some depth.

However, when I show up for a Safe Schools discussion with my administration, I don’t expect the guy with all the answers to be blatantly breaking two of the major dress code regulations — no displays of alcohol/drug relating branding, and no gang clothes.

It does not give one much confidence that he’s running a tight ship, ya know?

The fact that he didn’t know who Movie Boy was, had not heard about any of the incidents, did not know he had been injured, and rolled his eyes at my concerns didn’t help either.

This circus just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I’ll write more on the actual meeting once I get the day camp thing wrapped up.



  1. Oy

  2. Good luck on the day camp. As for the biker principal, I think that sounds way cool. A few guys I went to high school with are riders now, and all of them were bullied as kids. You might just have a sympathetic ear.

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