Posted by: Kaiaroon | April 3, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Movie Boy said to me, “Mom, I really like science. Its my favorite subject. But sometimes the kids are really misbehaved and we don’t get to do the labs that the other sections do. And I am not learning as much as I could. And I want to learn more.”

(Knock me over with a feather.)

“And… I want to switch sections. I’ve already thought about it, and if I swap Math and Science I will still have my same teachers and so won’t have a big change. And then I can do more labs.”

(Now I’m on the floor).

I called his science teacher. It isn’t every day that your kid who doesn’t think outside the box, does. And that your kid who claims to hate school is so motivated by a subject that he wants to build in more challenge. And that your kid who has transition issues asks for us to build in a transition.

When that opportunity presents itself, you act on it. And luckily, his science teacher felt the same way. And spoke with Movie Boy, and Mrs. T (his case manager and also his math inclusion teacher.) They agreed. Tomorrow is his second day in this new “trial” schedule. And all is going well and Movie Boy has decided to make the change permanent.

I was on Cloud Nine!

Well, until he came home and said that he and Joey got in a fight on the bus. Joey said that Movie Boy farted. Movie Boy hadn’t farted, but if you say the “f” word you get everyone’s attention. And so in retribution, Movie Boy took Joey’s backpack and said “YOUR MOM!” which is the suburbanite version of “yo mama!”

He may be a brilliant scientist in the making, but he’s still a 12-year-old boy. What are ya gonna do?


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