Posted by: Kaiaroon | November 16, 2008

Another Football Season Ends

This past Wednesday was the last day of football season for Movie Boy. Here’s a picture of him with his teammates goofing for the camera at the end-of-season bowling party. He’s front and center with the blue jeans:

People thought I was nuts when we got him involved in football last year. But I had read that through middle and high school, athletics was the best way for any boy to “fit in”, so why not? He had gotten too big to play some sports, but he’s the best size for football. The first year was touch-and-go. We spent a lot of time learning how to deal with all the sensory issues — wearing the pads and the helmuts, dealing with coaches barking orders, kids yelling, parents cheering, and all that action on the field provided lots of distractions. Movie Boy has issues with situational awareness, so we thought this would be great for him.
Our goal last year was for him to suit up, and stand with his team. This year, he was a starter. He had a great coach, and was an accepted part of his team. They lost every single game, but he had a great experience.


  1. Sounds wonderful! You must be very proud!

  2. Yay, Movie Boy! That’s wonderful. And he looks so happy and proud.

    We tried to do soccer with my son, but even on a team of other autistic kids it just didn’t work for either of us. But I expect we’ll try something else again one day.

  3. You know, somehow soccer didn’t work for us either. I think football just clicked for him. He’ll never be the star player, but he holds his won. We are going to try wrestling next.

  4. Good for Movie Boy – tell him I’m very proud of him.
    And you’re right, athletics is a good way to fit in.

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